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We're having a shocking sale!


Get dibs on the best stuff starting

Sunday, April 18th.

If Junior up there is that shocked at the sale we're having, imagine how blown away you are going to be! We don't often do jewelry sales, so we hope you will take advantage of the big discounts to pick up some sweet new jewelry.

Some Details

  • The sale starts Sunday, April 18th when we open at 12pm.
  • Obviously, all jewelry is first-come-first-serve.
  • It will run until we decide not to do it anymore.
  • During the first day, most of the sale jewelry will be on display in Sunken Glory, the old retail area at the back of the studio. After that, the sale jewelry may be moved to a different location in the studio and may be unavaiable for a few days while we move it.
  • We will have some other items on sale in the main jewelry area...be sure to ask about that stuff too!
  • There is a list below outlining some of what we will have on sale. This is all the information we can provide before the sale.
  • All sales are final...no refunds or exchanges.
  • All prices apply to the jewelry styles and sizes we have in stock...discounted prices can not be applied to special orders.
  • We may not be able to get replacements or matches for some of the sale jewelry, should you lose or break something.
  • Lay away will be available for jewelry costing $100 or more, with certain conditions and restrictions. Detaisl will be available startng the day of the sale.

The Jewelry!

Okay, now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about jewlery!!!!

Here are brief descriptions of the jewelry we will have on sale, listed by the material the jewelryis made of.

We've included a few pictures of samples of some of the jewelry styles in the sale. These pictures are only examples and may not reflect the exact items in the sale.


  • Life saver plugs
  • Forks
  • Blizzard plugs
  • Dichor glass eyelets
  • Power plugs
  • Raven Rivers
  • Handblow glass plugs
  • Zebra plugs
  • Glass Kong
  • Glass double dome plugs
  • Feather plugs



  • Flowers
  • Hanging floral


Shell (all very pretty, feminine hanging designs)

  • Madone
  • Floral wave
  • Lace
  • Beija Flor
  • Onda
  • Lily spiral
  • Gale hoop
  • Hook spiral


Coconut Shell

  • Gale
  • Fancy spiral
  • Cascades


Wood (many of the eyelets are 1/2")

  • Ebony gem eyelets
  • Ebony plugs with CZ, abalone and gems
  • Granadillo wood tunnels
  • Bloodwood eyelets
  • Pistachio wood eyelets
  • Osage Orange wood eyelets
  • Olivewood eyelets
  • Bamboo eylets
  • Ebony cut-out plugs
  • Sono wood cut-out plugs
  • Ebony eyelets
  • Bloodwood concave plugs
  • Osage Orange plugs with Bloodwood inlay
  • Ebony rings
  • Ebony super spiral hoop
  • Sabo wood super spiral hoop
  • Ebony spike spiral
  • Ebony Serendipidity



  • Ocean Jasper square hanging design
  • Amber double flare eyelets
  • Assorted stone eyelets
  • Stone hanging "C'"
  • Faceted plugs
  • Tiger Eye concave plugs
  • Cat eye plugs
  • Swans
  • Disks
  • Cross-hatch
  • Black Jade pincher
  • Carved Jade dew drops
  • Morsisi Ear Weights
  • Vertebrate
  • Black Jade tribal eyelet
  • Large-size eyeletes



  • Ibu hanging design
  • Teardrop plugs
  • Drill plugs
  • Goethe hanging designs
  • Vertebrate
  • Shield claws
  • Septum tusk
  • Plugs with silver and gems
  • Ornate Sythe hanging design
  • Double dragon hanging design
  • Ori hanging design
  • Standard horn plugs
  • Plugs with green cat eye and gold border
  • 4-petal plugs
  • Plugs with carved shell
  • Plugs with opal inlay
  • Goethe plugs
  • Speaker plugs
  • Triple dot plugs with mother or pearl
  • Serendipdity hanging designs
  • Selva hanging designs



  • Tharu pointy/flower plugs
  • Triple Miao hanging designs
  • Brass coils
  • Ear weights
  • Hand-painted hanging bead
  • Ocean Jasper cabachon plugs
  • Picture Jasper cabachon plugs
  • Carnelian plugs
  • Skeleton tapers
  • Neotribal captive bead rings
  • Titanim spirals
  • Tapersaurous Rex
  • Stilleto
  • Neotribal spiral
  • Titanium circular barbells
  • Hanging swans with red dice
  • Monster spikes
  • Stinger talon
  • Silver afghan plates (for non-stretched lobes or worn through eyelets)
  • Silver Paloma cages (for non-stretched lobes or worn through eyelets)
  • Silver pounded Lao hoops (for non-stretched lobes or worn through eyelets)
  • Silver filigree hoops (for non-stretched lobes or worn through eyelets)
  • Silver eclipse hoops (for non-stretched lobes or worn through eyelets)
  • Silver undulation hoops (for non-stretched lobes or worn through eyelets)



  • A variety of navel curved barbells
  • Various threaded ends
  • Plugs

See you at the shop!!!!