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If you're considering getting a piercing, you are no doubt wondering how much money you are going to be spending. As with any professional service, prices for piercings may vary from studio-to-studio. However, when it comes to something as important as your body, you should never choose a studio simply because it has the lowest prices. If the price seems to good to be true, it may very well be.

We have provided a list of our piercing prices. Please note: these prices DO NOT include the cost of jewelry. We have a very large selection of jewelry and listing prices for even a fraction of it would be nearly impossible. If you have questions about the price of a specific style of jewelry, you are always welcome to stop into the studio or call with pricing questions.

It's Good to be 18!

Forget sweet 16, now it's sweet to be 18! Why? Because when you come in on your 18th birthday... or within one week after turning 18... you can get a serious birthday discount on a piercing. The discount is so serious, you could end up getting your piercing done for free.

You will still have to pay for jewelry of course, but we're talking about up to $30 off the cost of your piercing fee. That's some serious birthday love right there. Check out the price list below to see how this sweet deal is going to affect the cost of your piercing.

The birthday discount can only be used one time and is not available in conjunction with any other discounts, sales, coupons or offers.

Please note: these prices DO NOT include the cost of jewelry

* If you are getting two piercings of the same kind, there is a $10 discount on the first two and then a $10 discount for each one after that.

* If you are getting mulitple piercings of different kinds, there is a $5 discount on the first two and then a $10 discount on each one after that.

Ear Piercings Fee
Earlobe (single) $25
  -- both earlobes $35
Transverse lobe $40
Helix $35
Forward helix $35
Triple forward helix $80
Tragus $35
Anti-tragus $35
Conch $35
Daith $40
Rook $35
Faux Rook $35
Snug $35
Faux Snug $40
Orbital $60
Industrial $60

Surface Piercings
Surface bar $45
Microdermal $45

Male Genital Piercings
Prince Albert $60
Reverse Prince Albert $60
Dydoe $60
Dydoe (pair) $100
Frenum $60
Foreskin $60
Scrotum $60
Guiche $60
Ampallang $70
Apadravya $70

Oral Piercings Fee
Tongue $35
Tongue web $45
Smiley $35
Lip $35
Vertical lip (upper or lower) $35
Labret $35
Philtrum $35
Beauty Mark $35
Cheek $45

Cheek (pair)

prior consultation with Courtney required for cheek piercings


Facial Piercings
Eyebrow $35
Nostril $35
Nostril-pair (same side) $60
Nostril-pair (opposite sides) $70
High nostril $40
High nostril (pair) $80
Septum $45
Bridge $45

Torso Piercings
Navel $35
Nipple $35
Nipple (pair) $60
Nipple (tandem) $80

Female Genital Piercings
Vertical hood piercing $60
Horizontal hood piercing $60
Inner labia $60
Inner labia (pair) $100
Outer labia $60
Outer labia (pair) $100
Fourchette $60
Christina $60
Triangle $70
Miscellaneous Services
Check-ups and consultations Free Nostril screw adjustments $5
Jewelry insertions/removals $7 Stretching (up to 4 piercings) $10
Microdermal removal $10