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Having spent my formative years in the wilds of North Dakota, I moved to Minneapolis at the tender age of 18, to pursue a degree in graphic design at the School of Human Ecology at the University of Minnesota. In 2001, my goal of becoming a tattoo artist led me to Saint Sabrina's.

As is often the case with learning to tattoo, there are "dues to be paid." The road to becoming a tattoo artist started with me working at the body jewelry counter. While the two may not seem related, learning the inner workings of any shop, as well as learning how to really listen and work patiently with customers, are key elements to being a great tattoo artist.

After a good dose of hard work and persistence, my tattoo apprenticeship began in full-force in the early part of 2003. On a glorious day in May of 2004, I began tattooing as a full-time artist at Saint Sabrina's.

Since I began tattooing, I've found I really enjoy doing "new school" style tattoo work; bright, bold color with lots of depth. Even though that style of work intrigues me the most, I never limit myself to one type of tattooing, and I strive to stay versatile in a variety of styles. I enjoy both larger and smaller work because it gives me a chance to work with a variety of customers, both experienced tattoo "regulars" and those new to whole tattoo thing. I'm always excited to work with people getting their first tattoo, because I love the smile they always have on their face when they are finished with their first tattoo. I like being the artist that creates that first happy experience.

My personal site is: www.miketgrant.com

You can see Mike's most recent work on his Instagram page: Mike Grant Tattoo

Mike's Hours

Monday: 2p - 10p

Tuesday: 11a - 7p

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Off

Friday: 11a - 7p

Saturday: 11a to 7p

Sunday: 12p to 7p

Please keep in mind that vacations, illnesses or temporary schedule changes may affect when an artists is at the shop. It's always a good idea to call ahead to make sure a specific artists is working.