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Deciding to get a tattoo involves a number of different considerations. Obviously, one of the biggest factors is what the tattoo is going to be or look like. Each person who gets a tattoo has their own unique reasons for choosing their particular design. There are a number of different ways to come up with the design that will be your final tattoo:

Tattoo Flash

One of the most common ways is by looking at tattoo "flash." Flash is the colorful design sheets that cover the walls and fill binders at most tattoo studios. At Saint Sabrina's, we have a large selection of flash to look through.

While some people find a design that is exactly what they are looking in the flash designs, most people use the flash as a "jumping off" point for their design. Any of our tattoo artists can take a piece of flash and customize it to your liking. That may be as simple as changing the colors used in the design or changing the size. In some cases, it may involve removing part(s) of the design, adding something into the design, or making subtle stylistic changes to better suit what you had in mind.

In most cases an artist will make subtle changes to any flash design to improve the overall composotion of the design. When browsing flash it's important to remember that the quality of the tattoo you receive will almost always outshine the quality of the flash drawing.

Drawings, Sketches, Pictures Etc.

Another common source for tattoo ideas are drawings, pictures or designs that clients find and bring to the shop. Books, album artwork, drawings that friends have done, random sketches, tattoo magazines and designs found on the Internet are common inspirations for tattoo designs. One thing to remember, is that just because a design, picture or drawing looks good on paper, it may not translate into a great tattoo. The design may need to be altered slightly or enlarged a bit to make it work well as a tattoo. One of our artists will let you know if the design you bring in will work well or not.

The Internet

We have a computer at the studio you are free to use to browse the Internet for tattoo designs or ideas. In addition, we can work with designs stored on CD's, flash/USB drives and almost all kinds of digital memory cards.

Cell Phones

Pictures stored on cell phones are difficult to work with. So, if you have a picture of something you like stored on your cell phone, email the picture to yourself and print it out at home or at the studio.

Tattoos in Magazines

If you see a tattoo in a magazine that you like, you can certainly bring that in. However, many tattoo artists won't do an exact copy of a tattoo, if the original is obviously a custom piece. Doing an exact copy of a custom tattoo is disrespectful to both the tattoo artist who did the original as well as the person wearing the original tattoo. Our artists will usually be willing to do something similar, but they will make some changes to make your tattoo unique.

Custom Tattoos

Maybe you have an idea floating around in your head, but you can't find a picture or design that really embodies what it is you are looking for. If this is the case, then you should stop into the studio and speak with one of our artists. Tattoo artists usually enjoy doing custom work more than anything else. If you can give them a basic idea of what you are looking for, they can work on a design for you. It's always best if you bring some reference materials with you so the artist can get a better understanding of what you have in mind. The references you bring in do not have to be the exact design you want, but the more references you have, the easier it will be for the artist to zero in on what you want.

Having a custom tattoo designed may require several consultations to work out all the details, but if the tattoo you want is that unique, a few extra trips to the studio will be well worth it to you in the end.